A Little Lifetime Foundation is a registered charity and a voluntary organisation. We strive to keep our running costs to the absolute minimum whilst ensuring that we can continue to provide our support services to bereaved parents.. We engage a professional bereavement therapist who attends our support meetings and who provides counselling for bereaved parents and mentoring for our parent support team. We have one part-time operations manager. All other members of the support team are volunteers. 

We understand how much it means to bereaved parents, and their family and friends, to organise an event in memory of their precious baby and we are honoured when parents choose to organise their fundraising event on behalf off A Little Lifetime Foundation   

There are many different ideas for fundraising events and below is just a few suggestions that have worked well for parents in the past.

  • Marathons
  • Women’s Mini Marathon
  • Table Quiz
  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Sea Swim
  • Head Shave
  • Mountain Challenge
  • Walking Challenge
  • Stairs Challenge
  • Donations in lieu of birthday or other gifts
  • Donations in lieu of wedding favours

If you are planning on holding a fundraiser for A Little Lifetime Foundation please contact for your fundraising pack.